August 30, 2013

Enrolments 2018

Enrolment Checklist

This must be completed with your application, to ensure you have filled out all information required.,
Enrolment Checklist


Years 7 to 12

Enrolment applications are available below.

2018 Applications
Year 7 – 2018
Year 8 – 2018
Year 9 – 2018
Year 10 – 2018
Year 11 – 2018
Year 12 – 2018


USI Number

For instructions on how to create a USI number for your child please Click here

2018 – Health Information Form

You will also need to complete the Health Information Forms available here to submit with your enrolment application.

2018 – Aspire Academic Enrichment Program

To register for your Year 6 child to be considered for The Aspire Academic Enrichment Program, please refer to the attachment below.
Aspire Information

2018 – Instrumental Music Schools Services

This form is required to be completed for those students CURRENTLY undertaking studies in instrumental music within their primary schools, delivered through Instrumental Music Schools Services. See the form here

For any further information please check out the information available here at the Student & Parent Information page or phone 9550 6100.