March 9, 2015


Connect for Parents

Here is what you, as a parent, need to know about Connect. We hope that you are excited about Connect and seeing how your child is progressing at the College.


Click Here to watch the Connect Informational Video


Still interested in Connect? Please download the Connect Parent Flyer and Registration Forms.


Download the Registration form – Connect Parents Registration


Download the Usage guide – Connect Parent Flyer


Common Connect Questions:

Q: How long does it take to retrieve my login details and be linked to my child?

A: It usually takes a day or two. This also depends if all systems are available to process your registration. Connect is usually hammered at the beginning of the school year with a lot of staff and student movements. Parents are usually registered within 2 weeks from the start of school.


Q. I have already filled in a form for one child at the College but I cannot see my other child in Connect?

A: You will need to fill in a Connect registration form for each and every child that you have at the College, even if you has access at a previous school.


Q: I don’t seem to be able to login?

A: Make sure that after the P that there are the correct amount of zeros and not the alphabetical O.


Q: Nothing is showing up when I login to Connect? Help!

A: There is an issue with your Parent account. Connect is using a different and newer system to control login information and integrating with older/legacy system can cause issues. Please get in touch with your relevant details Byford SC Technology Information Facebook page or email your details to


Q: My child or children are not linked to my Connect login? Help!

A: Please get in touch with your relevant details on the Byford SC Technology Information Facebook page or email your details to


Q: There is something not quite right? Help!

A: Again get in touch with your specific details on the Byford SC Technology Information Facebook page or email your details to


Q: I have forgotten my password. Help!

A: Go to and choose the Forgotten my Password link on the login page. Use the registered email address you have for Connect to reset your password by following the instructions after clicking the link.