August 30, 2013

Bus & SmartRider Information

Bus Behaviour

Misbehaviour on College buses which distracts drivers and inconveniences other students will not be tolerated. Students who ignore directions on behaviour may be denied the right to travel on College buses.

Bus Transport

School Bus Service – For students outside the Public Transport Authority area. (Includes Jarrahdale and Mundijong)

  • Click the SBS School Bus Services button on the right hand side of the page.
  • Click on the parents tab. Please make yourself familiar with the information provided here.
  • Click the online forms and complete the application for transport assistance.
  • Please review the “Code of Conduct”. The College will issue this and collect it back signed and provide to the School Bus Service.

SmartRider Cards

As you may be aware, all students will require a Student SmartRider Concession Card to access concession travel on public transport.

The College is acting as the intermediary for the issuing of the Student SmartRider Concession Cards, and as such is registered to receive SmartRider Concession cards for our students. With Parental or Carer consent, the card issued through the College will have the student’s name, date of birth, address and Schools Curriculum and Standards Authority (SCSA) student number. In addition, it is the intention of the College to provide photo ID on the card at no cost. This will allow the card to be used for College as well as public transport purposes.

In the future, Smart Cards may also provide students with improved automated systems for the following:

  • Photocopying
  • Printing from computers
  • Purchasing food from the Cafe
  • Library borrowings

Whilst there are a number of benefits for students to have the SmartRider card, the primary purpose of the card is to confirm the student’s identity and therefore access to the student fare price on Public Transport.

Faulty & Replacement Cards

Students will need to complete a “Student SmartRider Faulty Card Report” form which can be obtained from Administration or online at

Once completed please present the form along with your faulty SmartRider card to Student Services or Administration and request that an order for a replacement card be placed.

If there are no physical signs of damage, the College will order a replacement SmartRider card for the student and send the card with the completed form to Monitor WA as advised on the form.

Upon receiving the faulty SmartRider card, Monitor WA will inspect the card for any physical damage. If the card is found to be faulty, a replacement SmartRider card will be sent to the College for the student to collect at no charge to the College or student. If the SmartRider card is not deemed to be faulty, the damage will be highlighted on the card and sent back to the College. It is the College’s responsibility to provide the student with their returned, original SmartRider card.

Replacement Cards can be issued at the cost of $5.00 each card. Students are requested to pay this amount to Administration. Further information is available in the Contributions & Charges Handbook and on our website.

2016 Transperth Bus Update

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For further information on Transport Services and SmartRider cards please click on the relevant links below: