Student Drop Off Locations

Parking Policy


With our admin parking area being limited in space, and the construction site for our new J Block absorbing the extra area around it, we remind parents that the Abernethy Rd entrance is NOT a suitable drop off and pick up location for students.

The Abernethy Rd entrance is reserved for commercial delivery vehicles, they will take priority and are likely to block in your vehicle.

Due to the limited space to manoeuvre, and poor visibility due to obstacles in the admin car park, if you need to enter the zone, be aware there is a 5km/h max speed.

Due to the nature of the nearby construction site with cranes and other heavy vehicles entering, we cannot recommend students wait around the Abernathy Rd entrance for any amount of time.

We have dedicated an area, where there is a clear drive through path, and space to park at the Mead St entrance. This has a path directly to the Uniform Shop, Student Services, and on to the Administration block.



Thank you for helping us keep our students safe.

Byford Map 2017