August 29, 2013


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To be eligible for enrolment at Byford Secondary College you need to reside within the Local Intake Area (LIA) and provide us with proof of your residence. All documents need to show the name of the Parent/Guardian enrolling the student and the address.  The following documents are accepted as proof:

  • Current Rates Notice
  • Current Lease Agreement
  • Latest Utilities Bill (Gas, Power or Water) at the address stated
  • If building in the LIA a Building Contract with an expected date of completion is required and once the dwelling is built we will then require one of the above documents

NB: Owning a block of land in the LIA does not make you eligible to enrol your student at the College, unless you are building and can provide proof as per above.

Mobile phone accounts and Drivers Licenses are NOT accepted for proof or residence purposes.