Education Support

Byford Secondary College is a school which caters for students across the full spectrum of disabilities from severe and profound in specialist facilities, to students with mild disabilities taught within mainstream classrooms. The College boasts specially designed Integrated facilities that allow classrooms to be tailored to staff and student needs. This building is equipped with a hydrotherapy pool, life skills training room and can cater for therapists who attend the school. Additionally, the College is constantly developing multisensory spaces. 

The College prides itself on being able to give individualised care and attention to help each student reach their potential; developing their self-confidence, independence, knowledge and skills to take advantage of increasing opportunities beyond school. Our focus is on providing a safe and caring learning environment that encourages students to become self-motivated, independent learners. A strong pastoral care program supports the social and emotional needs of the students, whilst the diverse range of academic and life-skills programs nurture academic excellence for all students. 

The college participates in the Nationally Consistent Collection of Data on school Students with Disability – NCCD. The NCCD is an annual collection of information about Australian school students with disability. The NCCD enables schools, education authorities and governments to better understand the needs of students with disability and how they can be best supported at school.


The educational journey that all students encounter is delivered through a Personalised Learning Plan (PLP) with a person centred approach. Community based learning is a high priority as well as onsite work experience to achieve and further skills. 

Classroom teachers access the Australian, WA Curriculum and ASDAN, while using ABLESWA as a tool for guidance within their everyday teaching and learning practices to ensure they provide the best education for each student in their class. 

Students access English, Mathematics, Humanities and Social Sciences, The Arts, Science, Health and Physical Education, Technologies, Social Skills, Community Access and Protective Education across the week, ensuring the teachers are delivering a well-rounded curriculum. 

In addition, staff work closely with students’ key stakeholders, including families/carers, therapists, Local Coordinators (LC) and other external providers to implement specialised programs and target objectives for the growth of the child. The staff cater for all needs of each child, ensuring therapy plans are implemented during the week. 



The transition from primary to secondary school offers both opportunities and challenges. Around this time children experience changes in physical and cognitive development as well as environmental and social changes. 

The way young adolescents integrate into secondary school can have major impact on their health and wellbeing and subsequent development. Successful transition and integration promotes better outcomes for students. 

At Byford Secondary College we have designed a specialised transition program aimed at making the significant move from primary to secondary as seamless as possible. We work closely with families, primary schools and the students to identify needs, collect and analyse data. Staff from both schools are involved in developing a transition plan that when implemented provides staff with professional learning requirements and students with opportunities to become very familiar with Byford Secondary College. 


Post School Transition planning prepares students for life after school. Byford Secondary College offers many individualised pathways that compliment student transitions into the community or workforce including Community Access, Workplace Learning, links to Disability Service Providers, as well as further development in the areas of Traineeships or off campus study (TAFE). 


Identified students access the hydrotherapy pool during the week. The program accommodates students with therapy needs and staff work with physical and occupational therapists to deliver tailored hydrotherapy programs. 

Byford Secondary College staff work closely with Therapy Providers to provide support for students at school. Alternative, Augmentative Communication devices are widely used within the Education Support setting to facilitate communication. 

School Bus Services 

Byford Secondary College is serviced by School Bus Services. Eligible students within the School Bus Service boundaries can access school bus services for transport to and from Byford Secondary College by applying at: 

This link displays the boundary for Byford Secondary College 

How to Enrol 

Students who are enrolled at Byford Secondary College Education Support must meet eligibility criteria. Each enrolment is considered on an individual basis to ensure that Education Support is the best placement for the student in all areas of learning. This includes their personal and social competencies. 

To begin the enrolment process, prospective families are invited to complete a tour of the College with the relevant Associate Principal. 

For further information please contact the College on 9550 6100