The English Learning Area’s focus is on developing the language and literacy skills of all students. We use the Western Australian Curriculum and SCSA courses of study to develop programs designed to engage our students in activities that extend their knowledge and understanding of the English language, texts and the world around us.

Our dedicated team of English teachers is committed to providing all students with every opportunity to develop academic and functional language skills to help them achieve their goals while at Byford Secondary College and beyond.

Students of English at Byford Secondary College have the opportunity to engage with documentaries, mockumentaries, blogs, short stories, poetry, TV dramas, plays, films, feature articles, new stories, myths and fables, social media texts, protest poetry, famous speeches, opinion articles, performance poetry, reality TV shows, infographics, biographies, autobiographies and, of course, novels. Through the study of these texts, students develop their reading, writing, speaking and listening skills. They create digital texts, spoken texts, written texts, learning portfolios and formal assessments such as exams and common assessment tasks.

Our teachers cater for all students in order to provide appropriate learning programs for all stages of development. Aspire and Mirror students are provided with extension through challenging texts and projects that link their learning to the world. Our literacy support students are provided with programs and support to continue the development of key literacy skills.

We aim to prepare our students to successfully participate in NAPLAN and OLNA with close attention to language skills. Our students are provided with individualised learning in the lead up to these important standardised tests.

Our senior students can choose a General or ATAR pathway, with programs designed to prepare them for their futures beyond secondary school. We run a homework class every week to further support these students.

Each year, the English Learning Area develops a program of incursions and excursions that aim to provide additional learning experiences beyond the classroom. These usually include performances by storytellers, poets and actors as well as workshops on writing and visual texts.