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The Advanced Arts Program is an exciting opportunity for students who are passionate about The Arts and work with other like-minded students. If selected, you will be placed into a specific Advanced Arts class for your Arts electives across the Year 7. As with all other students, you will try Dance, Drama, Visual Art and Media Arts. It is expected that you will select the class as your Arts class elective in Year 8 and beyond.

Some other reasons for applying for this program include:

  • Working with other passionate Arts students
  • Being taught by expert teachers in their subject field
  • Work towards entering competitions and showcasing work
  • Develop invaluable collaborative and program-solving skills
  • Develop essential creativity skills that are essential in the 21st century
  • Possibly complete large-scale projects according to class interests

Please note: If you are an Instrumental Music student, you are not eligible for this program, as you will already be in a specialised Music program.