Health & Physical Education

Health and Physical Education Learning Area outcomes are linked to the progressive development of a healthy, active lifestyle for students. Students progress throughout their schooling to higher levels of skills and knowledge about influences that enable the attainment of healthy active lifestyles. Students also utilise time in the Health and Physical Education Learning area to develop self-management skills based on informed decision making. Central to the ongoing education of each student is the development of interpersonal skills for the establishment and maintenance of effective relationships in life.

The Health and Physical Education Learning Area encourages and monitors the values each student places on achieving a healthy, active lifestyle. Students are predominantly addressed through learning in such areas as Health Education, Physical Education, Outdoor Pursuits and Sport Science (General, AFL, Netball).

The College also competes in various Interschool events predominately in the areas of AFL, Netball and Interschool Athletics with the College taking out the Interschool Athletics competition 4 years in a row.