The Mathematics Learning Area at Byford Secondary College places a strong emphasis on apply the mathematics learnt to everyday life. Problem solving using mathematics in contextual situations underpins the learning of key skills.

In mathematics, the mathematical problem solving process and statistical investigation process are emphasized and modelled in every year level and subject through explicit teaching and investigative and project work.

It is expected that students come prepared to classes with a calculator, iPad and workbook, as listed in the College booklist.

7-10 Mathematics:
The Mathematics taught from year’s 7 – 9 aligns directly with the Western Australian Curriculum. A key focus in 2019 has been to break down mathematical misconceptions using the Back-to-Front mathematics program.

In Year 10, students are split into 3 pathways based on senior secondary aspirations. These are achievement based channeling students towards, Pathway 1 (Analytical Mathematics – Methods/Specialist), Pathway 2 (Applied Mathematics – Applications) and Pathway 3 (Life Skills – Essential Mathematics).

Students at Byford have access to Mathletics as a study and revision tool. This is paid for by the school and provided to students free. This is also used to assign homework.

Senior Mathematics:
BSC’s Mathematics department strives to challenge all students to achieve to their potential and access senior secondary pathways that meet the needs of a diverse student population.

Byford Secondary College offers the following SCSA Mathematics Subjects in Senior School:

  • Mathematics Essentials (General)
  • Mathematics Applications (ATAR)
  • Mathematics Method (ATAR)
  • Mathematics Specialist (ATAR)

All ATAR students are required to use a Casio Classpad 330 plus CAS calculator.

As a result of having a range of staff with Engineering backgrounds and expertise, Byford Secondary College’s Mathematics Department also offers Robotics as an elective subject across Years 9 and 10(2020).

Students have the opportunity to develop their programming and design skills through the use of the LEGO EV3 robotics platform in robotics and design of components using 3d printing and simple electronics. A key focus is to prepare students with the skills to compete in the First Lego League and First Tech Challenge competitions.

Byford Secondary College is proud to have finished 1st in the Inaugural First Tech Challenge WA 2018.

Help Classes and Revision:
There are a number of before and after school study and revision classes run by various staff in Mathematics to cater for student needs. Please check with your child’s teacher to find out when these are running.