BYOD IT Program

Byford SC has a BYOD IT Program to offer educational pricing to students purchasing Windows and Apple devices through the online store. Should you need to enter a school code, our College code is BYFORDSC2021

For iPads we recommend a strong case and a keyboard attachment to get the most out of the device.  For further information please click here.

The College prefers an iPad (must be iOS 13 or above), however any laptop/tablet running windows 10 Home or Pro can also be supported by the college network.

We require additional settings on the iPad device before it can be used at the school. These settings can be applied at home following the video guide.

Our college does not support Android devices, many processes and classroom programs are built on the availability and workflow of using iPads. We also do not support phones as an educational device.

Office 365 is available to students for free, simply download the office applications from the app store, or log into and sign in using the student connect ID and passwords. These will be provided to the students on the first week. Office 365 is the recommended way to create documents.

Please review the ICT Policy on our policies page.