Byford Secondary College’s Science Learning Area provides an engaging and stimulating environment for students to learn the relevant components of the Years 7-10 Western Australian Curriculum in the areas of ‘Biological Science’, ‘Chemical Science’, Earth and Space Science’ and ‘Physical Science’.

Through the integration of whole school strategies and knowing our students, lessons are challenging yet achievable for students of all abilities in order for them to achieve their potential. With the inclusion and focus on ‘Science Inquiry Skills’ and ‘Science as a Human Endeavour’, students are able to make the link between the classroom and Science in the World around us. They are provided opportunities to build on their skill set both at an academic/subject specific level, but also in the context of their social, emotional and physical resilience. By encouragement of students to ask questions, challenge concepts and ‘having a go’, students develop some of the crucial ‘skills for life’ in an ever-changing world.

In Years 9-10 the Science Learning Area offer Astronomy as an elective and students in Year 10 are also offered the option to study Chevron’s ‘Powering Careers in Energy’ Endorsed Program. Students undertaking this program gain the equivalent of two units towards their Western Australian Certificate of Education (WACE) graduation upon completion of the course.

In Years 11 and 12 students have a range of ATAR and General courses to choose from, such as Chemistry, Physics and Human Biology in the ATAR Pathway and Biology, Physics, Integrated Science and Human Biology in the General Pathway. Pre-requisites for the ATAR courses are outlined in ‘The Senior Pathway and Selection Guide’

Students are supported in their learning journey at all levels of ability within the Science Learning Area. Students selected to be a part of the Science ‘Aspire Program’ in Years 7-10 are provided with further academic extension and enrichment opportunities which are designed to develop the skills and knowledge required for a University bound pathway.