Student Hub

Student Services 

Our Student Services team provides support for the social, emotional, and educational development and wellbeing of our students at Byford Secondary College. The team also provides support to staff and parents through parent/caregiver meetings, individual consultation, group presentations and workshops as well as having local knowledge and access to external support referrals. The goal of the Student Services team is to help students develop and grow to reach their full potential. 

The Student Services team works out of the Student Hub, located at the heart of the School, and consists of Associate Principal, Student Service Managers, Year Coordinators, Student Services Coordinator, Chaplain, Community Health Nurse, Student Support Coordinator and School Psychologist. In addition, the team is supported by School Officers focusing on attendance and Administration.  

Associate Principal 

Rose Williamson 


Phone: 9526 7700

Student Services Managers  

Student Services Managers are appointed to a Year group and, where possible, remain with the same group from Year 7 to 12. In this way, a close relationship is established between the students, parents and the Manager throughout the school journey.  

  • Is responsible for the pastoral care of students by offering advice and support in all aspects of school life including course, study, social and family concerns 
  • Coordinates assemblies and social events such as the School ball, Dinner dance, River cruise and Reward days. 
  • Encourages students to participate in school and community events 
  • Liaises with parents about student academic, behaviour, social and emotional issues 
  • Liaises with parents, staff and outside agencies to develop management plans for students at risk 
  • Facilitates direction and planning of cohort and whole school projects with student representative council. 

Nicole Banks – Year 7 and 10 


Phone: 9526 7700

John McNess – Year 8 and 11 


Phone: 9526 7700  

Claire Hennessy – Year 9 and 12 


Phone: 9526 7700

Year 7 & 8 Coordinator  

The Year Coordinator is appointed to the Year 7 and 8 group and, where possible, will remain with the same group from Year 7 to 12. They provide pastoral care of students by offering advice and support in all aspects of school life including course, study, social and family concerns and coordinates assemblies and social events. 

John Stojan  


Phone: 9526 7700 

Year 9 – 12 Coordinator  

The Year 9 – 12 Coordinator provides pastoral care support, offers advice in all aspects of school life including course, study, social and family concerns on relationships, as well as coordinate assemblies and social events for the cohort.  

Sarah Gillam


Phone: 9526 7700

Student Services Coordinator 

The Student Support Coordinator works across the college years 7-12 collaborating with the Student Services team providing a safe environment that nurtures and promotes positive social/emotional, physical, academic and mental wellbeing.

Provides pastoral care support to students in both individual and group settings and delivers a range of support programs, intervention strategies and psycho – physical – social teaching to students that encourage positive behaviours.   

Programs have a core focus on: 

  • Practical anti-bullying strategies 
  • Self-confidence, self-awareness and self-control 
  • Communication skills and interpretation of body language cues 
  • Alternatives to aggressive verbal and physical responses 
  • Grounding, centeredness, mental focus, mindfulness and boundary awareness. 

The Student Support Coordinator also works with the wider school community, external service providers and agencies to provide workshops, practical tips/strategies and current best practice with the aim to develop and support students to grow and become positive, active, responsible members of society. 

Matt Lanternier


Phone: 9526 7700 

Community Health Nurse 

School Health services are primarily focused on the provision of health counselling for adolescents.  

The School Nurse collaborates with the student services team to support young people at risk of poor physical and psychological health. 

Core Activities Include: 

  • Conducting drop-in or appointment sessions on a regular basis in the school, in order that students can readily access primary health care and counseling 
  • Health assessments and monitoring of students in care of the state 
  • Monitoring and supporting students at risk in collaboration with school staff. 
  • Supporting staff and parents to develop health care plans for students with complex health needs 
  • Staff training to support students with health needs 
  • Assisting the school to plan systems for delivery of first aid and emergency health care 
  • Identifying priority health issues. 
  • Supporting teachers in health-related curriculum 

School Psychologist 

The School Psychology Service provides a specialist psychological assessment, intervention and consultation service for schools. Services are provided: 

  • for students, school staff, parents and inter-agency partners 
  • directly and indirectly 
  • proactively and responsively 
  • at the individual, group, whole school and system levels 

Services Provided  

The School Psychology Service provides support in three main areas: 


  • Working with students, parents and their schools to identify and change target behaviours at the individual, group and systemic level. 


  • Conducting assessments of students experiencing learning difficulties and/or disabilities at schools.  
  • Supporting schools in making appropriate curriculum adjustments for students in order to enhance their learning outcomes. 

Mental Health and Wellbeing 

  • Providing direct support for students experiencing mental health and wellbeing difficulties. 
  • Assisting schools and children to maximise the development of positive mental health and wellbeing 

Cindy Van Der Wal & Emily Helmore

School Psychologist 

Email: /

Phone: 9526 7700


The Chaplain Works collaboratively with School Leadership and the Student Services Team to implement pastoral care strategies across the school. 

  • Provides support to school community in times of grief, family breakdown and other crisis situations 
  • Acts as an advocate for students and/or staff of the school community 
  • Refers Students and/or staff to appropriate agencies and/or networks within the school community and/or in the local community 
  • Provides or is involved in programs that meet the social, emotional, spiritual and psychological needs of the school community 
  • Builds links with the local community, agencies, and other appropriate networks to support the school community 
  • Acts as a reference point for students, staff and other members of the school community on religious matters, spiritual issues, values, human relationships and wellbeing issues  
  • Where appropriate, provide information that is accurate and impartial, about the support and services available in community groups, including religious groups and others in the broader community 
  • Contribute to a supportive, inclusive and caring learning environment within the school 

Janice Palmer

Student Support officer (Mon, Tues, Wed) School Chaplain (Thursday, Friday) 


Phone: 9526 7700

School Officers 

Sally Lehman  

Attendance Office (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday) 


Phone: 9526 7700 

Haylee Gaskin 

Student Hub Reception (Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday) 

Tara Ramirez  

Student Hub Reception (Monday, Thursday, Friday) 

Kelly Pilling

Student Hub Reception (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday)